About Our Organisation

Green Research Organization is Kabul based policy and research institute for water and environment studies. It is dedicated to protecting water resources and environment for the good of people and nature through promoting social awareness, applying new methods and technologies for irrigation, municipal and groundwater uses, and improving the role of women and youth in water management and preservation of environment. In addition, it helps to build institutional capacity, and provides advisory services regarding water resources and environment for decision makers and stockholders in different layers.

Green Research Organization Goals

The goals of Green Research Organization for Water and Environment are as follow:
Social Services
In the Social Services sector, the Green Research Organization for Water and Environment (GROWE) will work to inform the public citizens of Afghanistan about the importance of using water and preserving the environment through cultural and educational programs.
Second: In the Education sector, GROWE believes that knowledge and early studies on water and the environment is fundamental for environmental sustainability and preservation and emphasizes on the awareness of students in schools and universities about water and environment. Therefore, GROWE will provide educational programs for students in collaboration with schools and universities throughout Afghanistan.
Agriculture and Irrigation
Third: In the Agriculture and Irrigation sectors, GROWE believes that agriculture is the basis of Afghanistan economy. Thus, The organization will seek new ways of farming and water saving practices for farmers in cooperation with universities and related governmental Organizations throughout the country.
Fourth: In the Infrastructure sector, the Green Research Organization will work with national and international organizations to create infrastructure and intelligent systems which can provide accurate and time series data on climate, water and environment for making better solutions and decisions regarding to climate and water resources.
Fifth: In the Health sector, polluted air and contaminated waters cause various diseases among people in Kabul and cities around Afghanistan. The Green Research Organization will work with the medical and environmental institutes within and abroad to mitigate and aware the people from the harms of air pollution and related diseases.
Good Governance
Sixth: In the Good Governance sector, GROWE believes that creating a good governance system requires transparency, accountability, rule of law, effectiveness, and public participation in governments and other organizations’ agenda and policies. The Green Research Organization will work to create effective policies and solutions to address good governance problems for governmental and non-governmental institutions across Afghanistan.

Our Mission / Vision

Educated Afghans for clear environment and quality water.
Saiyed Momin Nori
To encourage, educate and develop capacities of Afghans to protect and preserve water and environment in a sustainable manner.
Zikrullah Danish
Vice President


Phone: +93 78 220 0944
Email: info@growe.org.af