Antonio Sarria-Santamera

Antonio Sarria-Santamera

Position: Associate professor

Dr. Antonio Sarria-Santamera is a physician dedicated to improving population health, through understanding what works in Medicine and developing high-performing health delivery systems.

His research focuses primarily to provide science-based insights to strengthen health care systems, improving quality and performance, with particular interest in Non-Communicable Conditions (NCD) because of the impact that those conditions pose to patients, health systems and society at large. Antonio has contributed to expand our knowledge regarding how we approach the management of those conditions looking at ways to make health care better, including the use of Information and Communication Technologies, as well as using population based data platforms for improving patient care, with a very special emphasis in strengthening Primary Care. He has published widely in this field and has led several national and EU projects. To highlight the EUPRIMECARE project, whose objectives were to assess quality and costs of Primary Care systems across Europe, and CHRODIS+, an EU project aimed to tackle NCD through the implementation of innovative practices and policies across Europe. His work in the area of implementation is based on the principle that for sustainable quality improvement is essential to understand the influence of the local organizational culture, which determines how individuals learn, interconnect, self-organize, and co-evolve with their environment, usually in non-linear dynamic ways.

Antonio graduated from Universidad de Zaragoza Faculty of Medicine, Spain, where he also received his PhD and obtained his specialization in Public Health Medicine from Hospital La Paz, in Madrid, Spain. He was a Fulbright Fellow at the Department of Community and Family Medicine at Dartmouth Medical School. He has also been a Visiting Scientist at Duke Clinical Health Policy Research Center. He has had clinical and health policy positions in Spain and before joining Nazarbayev University he was a Senior Scientist at Instituto de Salud Carlos III, where he was the Director of Health Technology Assessment for 10 years, as well as Associate Professor at Universidad de Alcala Faculty of Medicine. He has mentored many doctoral, masters level students, medical residents and students. Dr. Sarria-Santamera is a member of EUPHA, sections on Chronic Diseases and Health Services Research, and of ISPOR.

Essentials of endorheic basins and lakes: A review in the

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