Dr. Jay Sagin

Jay Sagin

Department: School of Medicine, National Laboratory Astana, Laboratory of translational medicine and Life Sciences Technologies, Laboratory of genomic and personalized medicine, Laboratory of bioengineering and regenerative medicine, Department of Medicine
Title: Assistant Professor of Practice
Office: 453 NUSOM
Email: byron.crape@nu.edu.kz
Phone: +7 (7172) 69 46 38

Dr. Jay Sagin (Жанай Сағынтаев) is the Earth Observation Satellites technologies and GIS expert , work on Remote Sensing,  GIS, hydrometeorology modeling applications. Dr. Sagin is a local Kazakhs expert, who knows Kazakhstan and Central Asian region very well. Dr. Sagin speaks English, local Kazakh and Russian languages. He works on the collaboration programs with local enterprises and industry, cooperation on the Central Asian environmental programs,   The Environment & Resource Efficiency Cluster (EREC) http://erec.nu.edu.kz/?page_id=296,  the Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia https://carececo.org/en/main/,  tranboundary rivers https://www.ckrb.org/ , https://inbusiness.kz/ru/news/ris-i-hlopok-issushayut-yug-kazahstana. Dr. Sagin is a member of SIBF- CELA http://celanetwork.org/, Society of International Business Fellows- Central Eurasia Leadership Alliance network.  Dr. Sagin has BS-MS degree from Moscow State University in Applied  Mathematics, PhD from Western Michigan University in Geosciences, Remote Sensing & GIS (http://www.esrs.wmich.edu/).

Wed of Science Reseach ID F-7522-2013

ORCID 0000-0002-0386-888X

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